Day 1 – I think there’s a time thief about

My Desk Today:

A. )  HTML 5 book, on my TO-DO list. (Eeek!)

B. )  March Calendar from here. Go there and print it out. There’s a new one every month and they are super fun!

C. )  Makeup. I keep telling myself to keep it in the bathroom, but lip stick and eyeliner show up everywhere anyways. Reminder: Need to purge my purse soon.

D. ) First use of my brand new coffee cups. Aren’t they cute? And they stack into a neat, space saving pile. ❤

E. ) Photoshop. As a designer you might think that is work. I don’t use it much for work, though. That’s Illustrator, In Design, and Dreamweaver. Photoshop is my ‘art for myself’ program.

F. )  Sprouts magazine I’ve been inching through for a few days. It only has about 15 pages, so I don’t see why I’m having trouble finishing it.

G. )  Ad for the new pirate exhibit at the museum. Em want’s to go there for her b’day, so I look forward to that. Arg!

My Day:

1. )  Ritual smoothie. I have a banana, yogurt, orange juice, green tea granuals and what ever fruit is on sale that week. It all goes in the ancient blender I stole because my dad never used it. Caffeinated, fruity deliciousness. It’s one of the few healthy eating habits I’ve kept with rather religiously, probably because it’s so damn good.

2. )  Worked on the Book. The Book will come up again, likely with pictures. The Book is super important to my whole future and I cannot stop working on it until the semester is done. The Book’s 3rd draft was born today and all the new material was printed to be looked at with my teacher. I added some super sweet screen-printed posters to the mix, and so far these are the best FPO’s I’ve had yet.

3. )  Watched Top Gear as I worked. I’m slightly Top Gear obsessed. (Real Top Gear, with swear words that I don’t understand and way more gay jokes than it’s American rip off would ever dare make.) It will fade when I’ve caught up to what’s showing on TV right now. I’m on Season 11 out of 16, so soon I shall be free….to find something new to watch start to finish.

4. )  I hate our trash can. I can’t get some trash bags into it, I can’t get some trash bags out of it, and it is so fugly. I cann’t wait to get a new one when we move.

5. )  Lunch was yummy, yummy paprika chicken tacos. I made the chicken last night for my dad, aunt, and uncle. It was a huge hit and the leftovers were just as good with corn tortillas, cheddar, and some greens.

6. )  Laundry. Exciting.

7. )  Started dinner in the crock pot. Beans, barley, veggies, and a big ol’ ham shank. Boy-monster has never had barley, so we’ll see how that goes. Fingers crossed because I always feel bad when he has to forage for food in our kitchen.

8. )  Class, bored, started this blog. Goals of said blog listed in first post.

9. )  Woot! Got a big ol’ A on my midterm review. I am doing well, especially in regards to maintaining a consistent identity. Funny story, when the semester started I said that consistently was my weakest skill in design.

10. )  Read more of Bourdain’s cookbook on the train home. Now I have the desire to find a real butcher somewhere in Denver. Came home to the wonderful smell of my barley soup. This is going to be very good. Since I’m home early, I’ll make some rice to go with it.

On Second Thought, I guess there isn’t a time thief. I’ve had a more productive day than I thought. Also snow = love. This is probably winter’s last farewell until later this year. Soon I’ll have to grumble at too much sun while moving too much stuff.

Favorite Blogs of the Moment:

The Bloggess

Mommy Wants Vodka

The Pioneer Woman

Reading List:

Anthony Bourdain’s Les Halles Cookbook

Auralia’s Colors

Recipies for the Week:

Paprika Chicken

Ham  and Bean Barley Stew

Roast Turkey Breast

Turkey Pot Pie


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