Many Days

Day 14

Saw my uncle for the first time in about a year. It was good, really good for me. I’m glad he’s doing okay.

Day 15

Hung out with Ryula for lunch and then went to see Tangled with her at the dollar theater. Good movie. Formulaic, but good. ^^

Day 16

Breakfast with my mom, always a treat. Lunch with my aunt so we could play cribbage. I forgot just how good she is at that. Leaving the restaurant I saw something wonderful which I will make a whole new post about. It’s gonna be epic.

Day 17

Date night with Boy-monster! Or more like date day. We got lunch at Chili’s, exciting, I know. We went to the Denver Art Museum to see Blink! and their “collection” of Herbert Bayer paintings. It might be unfair of me to be disappointed in what they have for Bayer, since I know art museums have to compete to get work by the more famous artists, but I was. I was super excited to see work from the Bauhaus, and it was cool, but it wasn’t much and hidden away. I feel like they had to find a place for him, and it turned out to be an awkward space. Not good for displaying any kind of art. And then they had his sketches all lined up in a hallway off the gallery, making me run back and forth to compare them to the paintings. Seeing the sketches was cool, but I still grumble about the presentation. The label for the exhibit was also kinda hidden away. Boy-monster noticed it while I was looking through fliers to find said exhibit. lol

Blink! however, was awesome. It was a lot of very fun digital artwork. Here’s the list of ones I liked best.

Still Men Out There – Bjorn Melhus

Your Time is Valuable – Perry Hoberman

Recognition – William Rumley

Anatomy Lessons – Lars Kremer

Chamber – Charles Sandison

Codework – Mark Amerika

ASCII History of Moving Image – Vuk Cosic

Nommes de Guerres No. 10 and No. 13 – Olaf Nicolai

Afterwards we went to Herbs and Arts, where I got a new Tarot book. I love it, the author writes some parts as if the cards were speaking. It’s super cool. Then, a beer at Rock Bottom, yum yum. Lastly, dinner at the Old Spaghetti Factory, which was somewhat disappointing. Overall, though, a great day. Love ya boy-monster. (And not just because you’re the only one who reads this. lol)


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One response to “Many Days

  1. Boy-Monster

    I love ya too, girl-beast!

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