Holy Crazy 2 Months, Batman!

Let’s go back to May 2nd. People go on about how ‘you’ll never forget your graduation’ and blah blah blah, but it’s not true. All I remember about graduation is that it was really freaking cold and my dad took off as soon as I got my diploma case. I was the second student to walk. >< I feel that if you’re in a program you’re passionate about, then nothing could be more memorable than your thesis presentation. It’s certainly true for me. May 2nd, I sat down in front of 6 people and spilled my guts. I had my portfolio book in front of me and I used it to convey my love of design. I had never felt so confident as I did then. Best of all, they loved it. That afternoon I got a call from one of the panel members, who works for The Creative Group. She wanted me to come in for a job. I was giddy before the call and shaking after it. Then I talked to Boy and found out that he had lost his job. My life had never taken a sharper turn then that day.

I went to The Creative Group and became and employee the following day. By the 4th I was at ecollege, working as a contractor. The following Monday I started working from home. My job’s been pretty routine since. Boy, stud that he is, found two jobs within a week. My classes Senior Thesis Gallery Show, Point A, went wonderfully. Graduation party planning was stressful as hell, but so damn worth it. Though I’ll admit that the whole party was a bit of a blur, but it was a happy blur. ^^

Since then we’ve house hunted, given up on buying a house, and moved back in with our parents. I’m cramped and Demon Cat has to be locked up half the day because she fights with my dad’s cat. Boy’s living in his parent’s basement and they are driving him insane! Pretty bleak, huh? Here’s where July 2nd is awesome in its own right.

Tomorrow, Boy’s parents are moving out of their house, and I am moving in. For a year. For really good rent. They want to try living in a new town, and this way they get money to cover the upkeep of their house, and two people to take care of it while they’re gone. Boy and I get a house.

Can you tell I’m a little excited?  ^^


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Web developer with a love of gaming, reading, and creating.

One response to “Holy Crazy 2 Months, Batman!

  1. You sound totally excited!!! Woah! Even Kirby is shocked by all this!

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