Chicken Enchiladas

Leftovers are not boy’s thing. He’s pretty resistant to eating any besides pizza. -_- It does make me flex my creative cooking skills a lot, which I find very fun. One of our favorite meals is this amazing braised chicken. It always makes more than we can eat, so leftovers are a given. This time I froze them instead of trying to get him to eat them, figuring that if there was a large enough gap, it wouldn’t be a problem. Well, instead I had an inspired moment and decided to use the left over chicken for enchiladas. It was great. I didn’t measure a thing, so here’s a list of what I mixed with the chicken to make the filling. Then I wrapped it up in tortillas, smothered them in enchilada sauce, and baked them until they were done. (No, I have no idea how long that was.)

Leftover paprika braised chicken, shredded

Low fat cottage cheese

Diced onions that I sauteed until soft

Canned diced green chilies (I used hot, but pick whatever heat level you want)

Canned diced tomatoes


Chili powder


Salt and Pepper


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