Wow, I’m lazy

So my last post was about boy’s parents leaving for Utah…well they’re coming back. Which means we’re moving. Again. I’m pretty excited to get out of here and back to living with just boy and the cat, though. Boy’s brother lives with us now, and that’s shaken things up a bit. So the new apartment is a good thing. I’m just sick of moving around so much. Great news is that we’ll be able to bring our washer and dryer with us. We found a place with hook ups. ❤ Other great news is that I have an excuse to buy some new storage from Ikea. ^^ I’m moving to a VERY tiny kitchen.

Speaking of kitchens, I’ve started packing mine. 😦 I’ve even packed my coffee maker, and so I’m giving that Via stuff a try. So far I’ve only tried the caramel. It wasn’t that bad. I have horrible memories of my mom drinking instant coffee every day as she took me to school. The smell was awful! Nothing at all like real coffee. I’ll brave the unflavored Via tomorrow. That’ll be the real test, since it won’t have sugary goodness to hide behind. *raised eyebrow*

In other news…I’m finally able to learn again!!! On my own, I mean. I tried to learn HTML 5 while I was was still in school and just couldn’t do it. So now, 8 months after graduation, I sat down to learn Javascript and it was fun! I’m done with being burned out by classes all year long. My last two years I was taking summer classes and winter workshops and I just never got a break. I’ve always loved learning, but school just took it right out of me. I’m so glad it’s back! I am completely absorbed with reading about methods and functions and loops. I’m learning PHP too, but much more slowly. Twister wants to learn, so we picked a book and we’re doing a chapter a week. She’s all busy with graduate school, silly smart person. 😛

This is all part of aiming for user interface design. There aren’t many programs for it, so I’ve come up with a plan. (The only program in my state is doctorate level and I just don’t have the time or money for that) I’ve been looking a job listings for user interface designers/developers and writing down the skills that companies are looking for. Then I ranked them by how often they showed up, and I’m working on learning the top skills. Well, PHP isn’t actually one of those, but I’ve always wanted to learn it anyways. 😛 Oh yes, I’m just that weird. Sometimes I wonder about that art degree I got, but I’ve seen sites developed and designed by someone who only has a computer science degree. It’s not pretty. O.o Point is, design and code. I luvs them and they go so well together. ^^

You can tell the cat shares my enthusiasm for Javascript, can’t you? lol


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