New kitchen, so far

Well, it’s been 3 full days since the move. We’ve gotten a lot done, but this is taking us quite a while. Everything needs to have a place, because there’s no wiggle room in a place this small. I’ve been focusing on the kitchen a lot, because I’m me. The kitchen is my zone, and cooking is a great source of stress relief for me. I made us breakfast for dinner last night, which wasn’t exactly creative cooking, but it was still nice. I haven’t been able to make much since we packed up the kitchen over a week ago.

I finished putting the kitchen in order earlier tonight, and I wanted to share. I’m waiting on one more thing from Amazon, but I can’t wait to put up pictures (even if they are blurry). I’m rather proud of myself. ^^ So let’s start.

This is the view from the dining area. (Not really a room…) The bottles will go on the table, but it’s still covered in stuff.

My Ikea wall storage and a hanging basket set that you can’t see all that well. >< Top basket will be garlic and shallots, middle will be lemons and limes, and bottom will be onions and potatoes.

Close up of the wall storage. I can’t wait to have herbs right next to my prep area. Just gotta get them to sprout for now, though. I’m notorious for killing plants, but I’m sure I can handle three little pots. > : (  I just always get over ambitious and over whelmed.

Across from where you were just looking is our fridge and my mugs. (And soon, our microwave) See those cabinets above the fridge? They’re empty. I currently don’t have anything to put in them. O.o I should get a picture of the kitchen I moved from so you can understand how awesome this makes me feel.

Our dishes and mixing/serving bowls. Boy’s mom has gotten me mixing bowls for Christmas two years running now. They’re very nice, but I have no idea what I will do if she does it again this year. lol I can’t really get rid of anything I’ve got. The top left set was my grandma’s and they have a lot of sentimental value for me. The bottom left came from Boy’s mom last year and are super cool. They’re oven safe, which is a huge plus. The bottom right set are collapsing bowls from 2010. There’s like seven bowls stacked there. ^^

Blurry pantry for the win. Haha. Awesome bit here is that bottom shelf. Other than the two bins of rice, it’s empty. *dances*

My Ikea Antonius units. They’ve got all my appliances with their bits and bobs, as well as my less commonly used kitchen tools. Two drawers are empty right now, so some of my serving linens might end up there.

Because I love them, here are our wonderful washer and dryer. So far they’ve been just amazing. (Except when the washer was knocking about like it was off balance. Turns out you shouldn’t store tvs on top of washers. Who knew?)

Anyways, that’s what I’ve been up to the last few days. And now here I am writing a blog post.

Wish me luck! ❤


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2 responses to “New kitchen, so far

  1. “Turns out you shouldn’t store tvs on top of washers. Who knew?”
    Random out of context quote ftw!

    But you don’t need luck. Great job. ^^

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