Beef Stew and Tortillas

I made beef stew a few days ago. I’m SUPPOSED to be taking pictures of my food to make these posts more interesting, but so far no good. My phone is fine for quick pics of the cat, but the pictures it took of my kitchen make me cringe. I need to get my Canon Rebel out. It’s old, over 5 years old, but it does a good job. So, I’ll just have to take pictures next time I make stew. If the weather keeps up like this, that’ll be sooner rather than later.

I have a weird hangup with beef stew. I can’t just chop everything up and throw it in the crock pot. I layer it. O.o I don’t know where I got the idea that it matters (and it probably doesn’t), but I can’t stop myself. Anyways, here is the recipe, in order that I layer them, from the bottom of the pot up.

Stew beef, generously salted and peppered, and doused with Worcestershire sauce

75% of my diced onions, some chopped garlic, and some thinly sliced shallots

Chopped carrots and celery, with some more salt and pepper

The rest of my onions

My potatoes

My herbs and spices

Then I pour in my broth and let it all cook for about 3 hours before I break down and stir it.

I understand layering the ingredients for a crock pot roast or one of those crock pot dinners, but for stew? I’m just crazy, I guess.

Tortillas, however, are crazy good. I made some from scratch for the first time. Oooooh. Ahhhhh. The dough was easy to make. They cooked quickly, but I didn’t burn any. They were tasty, if a little dry. The problem I had? Making a circle. I don’t have a tortilla press and now I really wish I did. It’s a uni-tasker, but one I’d like to use a lot. Fresh tortillas are so good that I want to make a habit of making my own. So I might break down and get one. No idea where I’m going to keep it, though. ><


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