Apartment update

Well, we’ve finally got the apartment cleaned up, which is wonderful since my grandma will be here any moment. ^^’ I had a request for pictures, so here are some. The kitchen organization is an ongoing chore, but it’ll get there. I got some more baking sheets (we only had one) and a very nice small pot at Ross for cheap yesterday, so I’m happy.

Here’s more pictures, including more of our apartment. Some will be not that new if you read my earlier posts, but I got my SLR out, so they’re much better pictures. ❤

This is our living room and entry. It’s mostly done, just need to put one more shelf and a VERY large painting on that wall. Yay for Ikea shelves…and Ikea polka dotted pillows! And Home Depot 10 dollar rugs. There’s one of the three we’ve gotten in front of the door.

Our dining area and such. It’s kinda boring from this angle, but I have detail shots! Yay!

Detail number 1: our message board. Ikea as well and so very awesome. ❤

Detail number two. Next to the table we have the antonius units from Ikea and our wonderful beer and cooking tool posters. Both are from Pop Chart Lab. ^^ (I really wanna add their Cocktails and Superpowers posters to our collection. ^^)

Detail 3, the wall of the walkway into the kitchen. Here I’ve added rails for plants and a basket for our ziplock bags. I’m in the process of painting Pringles cans to help me store those in a more attractive and space conscious way. Detail pics when I’m done, promise. ^^

Our counter hasn’t changed much except I got my menu board plate unpacked. (When I remember where I got the vinyl decal for that plate I’ll add it)

Our ancient stove with our Ikea rail all filled. Got those two little cutting boards at Ross as well. Perfect for small jobs, and Boy found that they hang just perfectly above the stove. He’s awesome like that.

The end of the kitchen, with our mugs and our dish drying rack. We have a microwave now. Not much has really changed, but it is a much better picture now.


Hope you enjoyed the tour. I’ve got some new plans involving my Lack tables, and a few other crafts going on, but I’ll have to post about those later.


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One response to “Apartment update

  1. Geeze, you didn’t clean like this when we visited you. Only grandma gets the love huh?

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