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I’m not going on a diet. My goal is not to be slim or skinny. I want to be healthy, and it’s REALLY hard. Being healthy isn’t about a month long fad diet, it’s about a slow steady loss of weight and change in many areas of my life. My big problems are:

1. )  I love food and I love cooking. While I do love vegetables and salads, I also like sweets and I love cheese. Giving up all the unhealthy foods has been the breaking point for me time after time. It doesn’t do any good to eat vegetables and whole grains half the time if the other half I’m eating junk.

2. )  I had an ACL reconstruction. It never quite healed right. The knee still has lots of scar tissue in it and it hurts when I walk too much or I’m dehydrated or it’s going to rain. I’m developing arthritis, and that greatly decreases my workout options. I’m always on the lookout for low impact aerobic options since running, jumping and steps hurt.

Those are the two big factors affecting me. Other things, like no workout room at the apartment and a job where I sit all day aren’t that significant.


My ideas about how we approach food is something I’ve given…maybe too much thought, but it goes like this. Taste being a purely subjective thing and impossible to talk about, the things we want from food are for them to be Healthy, Cheap, and Fast. The ideal combination of those is rare if not impossible. However, it is very possible to get two of them. Cheap and Fast are found in fast food dollar menus. Healthy and Fast = Whole Foods. Healthy and Cheap is mostly found in home cooking.

Since I love cooking, that’s doable for me. Just today I made myself a great lunch of homemade whole wheat noodles and sauteed veggies. There’s no guesswork about how healthy it is, either. I know exactly how much oil I used to saute those vegetables. NutritionData has been amazing for helping me know which foods I need to eat to be healthier. It will tell you everything you wanted to know and lots more about any food. Check out arugula, and take a look at how filling it is. O.o Which leads me to my next topic, calorie counting.

I’ve heard a lot of arguments for and against calorie counting. Mostly what I take from it is accountability. By having a record of what I’ve eaten, I’m more inclined to make sure it shows good behavior. The hardest part is keeping with it. I’ve tried a lot of counters, mostly online, and I finally found one I really like. SparkPeople tracks both nutrition and exercise and it’s got some great community tools to help you connect with people. I found a group for people who have trouble with their knees. I’m looking forward to talk to them about ways to workout.


I can’t talk too much about this topic, not being a professional or an experienced gym-goer. There are too many factors that I know nothing about involved for each person. I’m not giving advice when there’s so many great resources online, and I don’t know what I’m talking about. Exercise involves risk, so go do your homework if you’re going to start and you don’t know much about exercise.

I used to be very athletic. All the exercise I ever needed I got through soccer. No weight lifting, dance aerobic routine or elliptical machine will ever be as fun for me as soccer. Even if I do get to watch TV on the elliptical. I love soccer, which is why I’m volunteering as a youth soccer coach now. It’s not an option for my personal fitness anymore, however. That makes workout time more of a push. I have to make myself do it because I’ll admit, I don’t look forward to it. Low impact aerobic routines have been the best. They’re much more engaging that just running for an hour, and you can target muscles with them. Strengthening the muscles around my knee is part of protecting it as I workout more.

My point?

I don’t know if I have a point, per say. I wanted to share my ideas and my resources on the off chance they help someone. I wanted to put a marker in time that I’m starting this and I am serious. I can look back on this down the road and feel good about the changes I made, hopefully because they worked and I stuck with it.

Thanks for reading.


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