Last Year’s Garden Project

Ryula here! I promised Soshi I would post a garden thing without her needing to hold my hand so here we go!  A quick and dirty overview of last summer’s yard project~

This is what the north end of my backyard once looked like. Pretty awful, huh? But, with a few hours of chopping, digging, dragging, pinning, and raking, it turned into…


Nice, isn’t it?

First thing was getting rid of that tall bush in the middle– hacking at the branches and digging out the roots. That took a couple hours and was so exhausting, work was put on hold until the next day.

Next was moving all the movable objects– pots, buckets, fallen branches, etc– out of the way. Then, a drainable, weed-blocking tarp was rolled over the entire area, slowly being pinned into place with stakes and holes cut in the correct areas for plants. The holed areas were planted with small bushes (or already had a plant).

After that, about 7-8 bags of colored wood chips were spread over the tarp, then chairs and ornaments and pots were moved in! It’s such a lovely area to relax in and best of all there’s no grass to mow!

One thing– the tarp is very important. If you spend money on anything, spend it on that. A good tarp will allow rain water to drain through one side but keep plants from growing up or down through it. A cheap tarp will not allow rain to pass and will slowly degrade as weeds and vines tear it apart.

Also, those chairs are 10-12 years old. They used to be tan and looked fine for a number of years, but after so much outdoor wear, they started to look dirty. Three cans of spray paint that works on plastic had them all looking new and clean!


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