Rob Proctor’s Garden

Rob Proctor is a garden expert for a local news station. My aunt, gardener extraordinaire, told me about it and got tickets. Ryula, Rai, and I decided to go and oh my was it amazing! For a semi-arid climate, it was so very lush and dense. There were several seating areas that I would kill to have for sitting outside and reading, or having some tea, or just to be in. ❤ I’ll let Ryula take over now.


This lovely plant was in several pots lining a grass walkway. Both Rai and I saw them on opposite sides of the path and tried to point them out to Soshi at the same time… this happened several times actually with many different plants. ^^;


The vegetable patch (my main interest in the event) was sadly delegated to the other side of the back fence, along the neighborhood car lot.


This lovely display of potted plants formed an open and beautiful wall for one of the seating areas Soshi loved so. Why are there no pictures of the seating area Soshi??

It was pretty dark in there, part of it’s appeal on such a hot day. Still, it meant that I couldn’t get the pics I wanted. I should have brought a real camera.


There’s me… petting the cat who seemed to consider the event as the perfect opportunity to be fawned over. Anyone who walked near would be rubbed against, then, once attention was on him, the cat flopped on the ground, blocking their path and with total disregard for the plants.


If no one was about, the cat took his time wandering, smelling the flowers… Sooner or later, someone was bound to come across him and then they would be trapped!


Here’s Soshi standing in the lovely sunken garden area. It had a very nice stone pathway.


One of the many types of ground cover plants at the Proctor’s garden, this spilled out into the ground from a pot.

I love the succulents! I had one for a while…but I even managed to kill that. 😦


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