Grilled Pizza

Our friend Rai has a pool in her backyard and so she had a bunch of people over last Saturday. She asked for my advice on what she could serve easily and somehow Boy and I ended up making all the main dishes. O.o I never learn when to shut my mouth and let someone else do the cooking, do I?

It all worked out in the end. I finally found a pizza dough recipe I like, and I now have a GREAT pizza sauce recipe. Oh yeah, and I managed to grill pizza. I tried about a year ago to grill some pizza at out last house. I was going to make some for everyone who helped us move in. It didn’t go well. 😦 The dough just fell through the grate of the grill. I was so very upset.

This time, I baked each crust for a few minutes before taking them out to the grill to finish the pizza. It was amazing, and it made great leftovers too.


The dough, sepereated into smaller balls so that I could make a large variety of pizzas for the crowd. They worked out great, since I took 5 of the prebaked crusts home.


I rolled them out pretty thin, which made the cooking time faster. I wanted to get them made as quickly as possible so I could get back to volleyball. ^^


At home, I got to try some other toppings, like pesto, pepperoni, and mushroom. I loved it. Of course, Boy just wanted his same ol’ pepperoni pizza.


And here are Rai’s cats. Aren’t they cute?!

On top of the pizza, Boy made chicken wings. We settled on buffalo, bbq, and teriyaki after many rounds of discussing flavors. I still want to try some Parmesan garlic. Yum!

For dessert, Draugr made smores brownies which were gone before everyone even arrived. I’ll have to get the recipe. ❤


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