Tiger and Bunny and Rum

So, Soshi mentioned a drinking game to a certain anime and I, the lovely and bored Ryula, decided to expand on that topic for your enjoyment. ….Okay, mine. My enjoyment. -_-;;  Anyway..

The anime is called “Tiger and Bunny”, yes, really, and it seems to be about the appearance of people with special powers, called ‘Nexts’, who gain jobs as heroes for a TV show called “Hero Live TV” where they… rescue the city from criminal activity…. Really. The show’s pretty hilarious for itself but Draugr and I decided it would be more fun with booze! So, here are the rules–

There are two main characters, this is Tiger,

and this is Bunny (he prefers Barnaby).

Whenever Tiger does something cute, you take a shot.

Be warned, he does cute stuff a LOT.

Whenever Bunny does something cold, take a shot.

Bunny is frequently mean, usually to Tiger, which sometimes leads to double shots.

Finally, if anyone appears with funny lips, take a shot. This was added as a buffer rule as we weren’t initially sure how cute Tiger could be and how cold Bunny could be. It turned out to not only be unnecessary, but also dangerous because…

There are a lot of characters…

…LOTS of characters…

…with funny lips.

In addition, we played this with just good old rum’n coke, so we had no problems getting through six episodes before we moved on (for those six, we each finished off around two full glasses each). But if you choose to play this with vodka or tequila or something… you might not last through the second episode, so be careful. ^___^


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