Grilled Pizza

Our friend Rai has a pool in her backyard and so she had a bunch of people over last Saturday. She asked for my advice on what she could serve easily and somehow Boy and I ended up making all the main dishes. O.o I never learn when to shut my mouth and let someone else do the cooking, do I?

It all worked out in the end. I finally found a pizza dough recipe I like, and I now have a GREAT pizza sauce recipe. Oh yeah, and I managed to grill pizza. I tried about a year ago to grill some pizza at out last house. I was going to make some for everyone who helped us move in. It didn’t go well. ūüė¶ The dough just fell through the grate of the grill. I was so very upset.

This time, I baked each crust for a few minutes before taking them out to the grill to finish the pizza. It was amazing, and it made great leftovers too.

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It was Ryula’s birthday yesterday! Happy Birthday! It was just her, Draugr, and me, but we had a good time.

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Rob Proctor’s Garden

Rob Proctor is a garden expert for a local news station. My aunt, gardener extraordinaire, told me about it and got tickets. Ryula, Rai, and I decided to go and oh my was it amazing! For a semi-arid climate, it was so very lush and dense. There were several seating areas that I would kill to have for sitting outside and reading, or having some tea, or just to be in. ‚̧ I’ll let Ryula take over now.

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Keyword: Healthy

I’m not going on a diet. My goal is not to be slim or skinny. I want to be healthy, and it’s REALLY hard. Being healthy isn’t about a month long fad diet, it’s about a slow steady loss of weight and change in many areas of my life. My big problems¬†are: Continue reading


Have I mentioned yet on here that I love tea? If not, well, I do. I love it a lot. I got some new tea in a few days ago and it prompted me to share. I keep quite a few varieties on hand, but they all come from only three shops. The best known has to be Tevana.

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Happy Easter!

Easter for the past few years has had more meaning for me than it used to. My grandma died 3 years ago on April 1. Last year I started cooking my grandma’s Easter dinner for my mom, a little taste of the past for both of us. Every year I saw my grandma for Easter and for Thanksgiving, and that’s it. I have very vivid memories of those holiday dinners, shared with my aunts, uncles, and cousins, and I really regret that I didn’t have the same¬†interest¬†in cooking back then that I do now. I could have learned so much more if I’d stuck around the kitchen and watched my grandma. Continue reading

St. Patrick’s Day

As per usual, here’s another late holiday post. I had some friends over for St. Pattie’s day and it was a blast. I made cottage pie, as per usual, but Em also asked me to make colcannon. Since it was her birthday that week and I didn’t get her anything, she got it. ^^’ I have never even had colcannon before, let alone made it. Turns out, I love it.

Here’s the menu, as you can see, it needed some revision. Continue reading

Apartment update

Well, we’ve finally got the¬†apartment¬†cleaned up, which is wonderful since my grandma will be here any moment. ^^’ I had a request for pictures, so here are some. The kitchen¬†organization¬†is an ongoing chore, but it’ll get there. I got some more baking sheets (we only had one) and a very nice small pot at Ross for cheap yesterday, so I’m happy.

Here’s more pictures, including more of our¬†apartment. Some will be not that new if you read my earlier posts, but I got my SLR out, so they’re much better pictures. ‚̧

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Beef Stew and Tortillas

I made beef stew a few days ago. I’m SUPPOSED to be taking pictures of my food to make these posts more interesting, but so far no good. My phone is fine for quick pics of the cat, but the pictures it took of my kitchen make me cringe. I need to get my Canon Rebel out. It’s old, over 5 years old, but it does a good job. So, I’ll just have to take pictures next time I make stew. If the weather keeps up like this, that’ll be sooner rather than later.

I have a weird hangup with beef stew. I can’t just chop everything up and throw it in the¬†crock pot. I layer it. O.o I don’t know where I got the idea that it matters (and it probably doesn’t), but I can’t stop myself. Anyways, here is the recipe, in order that I layer them, from the bottom of the pot up.

Stew beef, generously salted and peppered, and doused with Worcestershire sauce

75% of my diced onions, some chopped garlic, and some thinly sliced shallots

Chopped carrots and celery, with some more salt and pepper

The rest of my onions

My potatoes

My herbs and spices

Then I pour in my broth and let it all cook for about 3 hours before I break down and stir it.

I understand layering the¬†ingredients¬†for a crock pot roast or one of those crock pot dinners, but for stew? I’m just crazy, I guess.

Tortillas, however, are crazy good. I made some from scratch for the first time. Oooooh. Ahhhhh. The dough was easy to make. They cooked quickly, but I didn’t burn any. They were tasty, if a little dry. The problem I had? Making a circle. I don’t have a tortilla press and now I really wish I did. It’s a uni-tasker, but one I’d like to use a lot. Fresh tortillas are so good that I want to make a habit of making my own. So I might break down and get one. No idea where I’m going to keep it, though. ><

Sick day

I felt fine when I got up, but as the day went on, I just started feeling worse and worse. I took the afternoon off work and napped some, but I’m not really tired. : / I really can’t afford to be sick, we’re starting the move tomorrow and tonight is the Emilie Autumn concert!

Maybe it’s the combination of stress and stress on top of stress, with my period thrown in (you wanted to know that, right? :P), but I just feel icky. I’m¬†nauseous¬†and light headed and I feel¬†clammy with the abdominal, leg, and back pain of cramps. It makes it hard to concentrate on anything. I can’t work, I can’t read, I can’t study my Javascript, I can’t be creative or even just play a game to take my mind off things. Bleh. I really just wish I could sleep.

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