Last Year’s Garden Project

Ryula here! I promised Soshi I would post a garden thing without her needing to hold my hand so here we go!  A quick and dirty overview of last summer’s yard project~

This is what the north end of my backyard once looked like. Pretty awful, huh? But, with a few hours of chopping, digging, dragging, pinning, and raking, it turned into… Continue reading


Gardening and a new Author

Hey! So my friend Ryula wanted to show off her garden, so she’s going to start writing for this blog. She’s been doing some really cool stuff, trying to reorganize her back yard and get a huge vegetable garden started. I’ve been helping out from time to time, but since I have a black thumb, I’m really only good for manual labor.

So Soshi says that, but frankly her herbs are doing fine because she finally put them where they can get sun– it’s not her thumb that’s black. As for the manual labor, that just happens to be what happens before you can plant anything in an un-prepped area. ^^ Hi! I’m Ryula, and I’ve been stealing Soshi for a few days in the past week or so to help me do all sorts of yard work. Hopefully everything will go well and get done and look lovely when she posts pictures!

Here’s the soon-to-be vegetable garden. It’s a bit of a mess, but how else do you get things done? ^^ This whole space is going to be the vegetable garden. It’ll have squash, cucumber, radishes, chard, romaine, spinach, and so on. And since I’m helping, I get some! I’m looking forward to it. Continue reading

Make ahead meals

I have started cooking large amounts of meat in my crockpot and then freezing them and it’s been wonderful. Everything is stored in ziplocks, portioned out by serving. It’s not a new idea and there are plenty of recipes that I haven’t tried in the freezer, but here’s what I’ve been up to, and some links to resources.

Here’s a look at what all I have in my freezer right now. Except the cat. She just likes being in all of my pictures. Continue reading

Vicious little flowers

I’m brainstorming for a dark Alice in Wonderland themed party. Blame Alice: Madness Returns. Love it! I’ve already decided on giant flowers (How is that dark? Oh you just wait and see.), mismatched tea sets, a torn lace tablecloth, skeleton keys, and as I wandered the internet I was inspired to try making these. (Not sure by what, just…inspired.)

Continue reading

Lack Side Table

So, I got two Lack side tables from Ikea to use for our bedside tables. They’re simple and plain and that’s fine. But I’m trying to perk up our decor a bit without using stuff. We have a ton of nick knacks and more art for our walls then actual wall space. >< So, why not perk up our furniture? We’re not in a palace to buy better furniture, so we’ll just have to stick with what we have and what we can get cheep. Enter our 10 dollar tables. ^^’ And some wallpaper.

So, I saw this post, where a Lack coffee table was perked up with some wall paper and decorative nails. I loved the idea, but we’re not so big into patterns in general, so I decided to simplify it some. I’m just going to edge the top of the tables with wallpaper.

On a side, but related, note, Ryula and Drauger have decided that I’m becoming a nerdy Martha Stewart. >< Ryula even started sketching out a comic about it. Well, I find it hard to argue with them when I use skills I picked up on online browser games in my decorating. I’ve started using photoshop to try out ideas. Still haven’t decided, though.

I might like stripes. Just a bit. I tried quite a few different wallpaper designs, and these are just the ones I liked. Not sure Boy will be on board with the floral, but I like it enough to ask him about it.

Idea after writing this post: Line the back of my bookcases in the same way? Too busy with the books in there? Hm….

Big kitchen to small kitchen

This is my kitchen-to-be. O.O It’s super tiny and I’m dreading it. There’s not much in the way of counter space. There’s not much in the way of storage. No more do I get to keep my stand mixer, knives, blender, spice rack, coffee maker, coffee grinder, and toaster on the counter for easy use. I have to figure out how I’m going to do this and still have space to actually cook. I’m on the lookout for storage solutions that will use the itty bit of wall space I have, and maximize the space I can use in my cabinets. Plus, I’m on the hunt for somewhere to dry my hand-wash items, besides taking over the counter or the table. (Which will be full of other stuff anyways.)

Enter Ikea. Saturday afternoon my friends and I are going to take some time off from moving me to go shopping. Then we’re going to have to haul it all back, because I’m buying three small storage units, two end tables, shelves, and lots of kitchen wall storage. (Not all of which is going in the kitchen, I think. I’ll post pictures when I get it all put up. I won’t have a clue before then what’s going to happen.)

Step three, (step one and two being moving and shopping) is going to take some more time. I’m going to build some storage solutions. I’m going to make some basic boxes for our pantry, to make the most use of it, I’ll size them for what we have and the space we have once I get that all measured. Then I’m going to paint them with chalkboard paint. You know, because I can. ^^ Plus it’ll be nice to label and to relabel. I also really want to make this, or some variation of it. A fold down desk has a lot of different possibilities, especially with storage. First I thought altar, then I thought art, then I wondered how it’d stand up as counter space. I guess I’ll make one and see how it does.

Even as I write this, I’m come up with new ideas for dealing with a small kitchen. Just gonna have to see how it turns out.


I had a brainstorm last night. I need to find a few more pieces, but soon I’m going to have cabinet drawers at a FRACTION of the price Ikia or The Container Store sells them at. : P Take that.

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