Big kitchen to small kitchen

This is my kitchen-to-be. O.O It’s super tiny and I’m dreading it. There’s not much in the way of counter space. There’s not much in the way of storage. No more do I get to keep my stand mixer, knives, blender, spice rack, coffee maker, coffee grinder, and toaster on the counter for easy use. I have to figure out how I’m going to do this and still have space to actually cook. I’m on the lookout for storage solutions that will use the itty bit of wall space I have, and maximize the space I can use in my cabinets. Plus, I’m on the hunt for somewhere to dry my hand-wash items, besides taking over the counter or the table. (Which will be full of other stuff anyways.)

Enter Ikea. Saturday afternoon my friends and I are going to take some time off from moving me to go shopping. Then we’re going to have to haul it all back, because I’m buying three small storage units, two end tables, shelves, and lots of kitchen wall storage. (Not all of which is going in the kitchen, I think. I’ll post pictures when I get it all put up. I won’t have a clue before then what’s going to happen.)

Step three, (step one and two being moving and shopping) is going to take some more time. I’m going to build some storage solutions. I’m going to make some basic boxes for our pantry, to make the most use of it, I’ll size them for what we have and the space we have once I get that all measured. Then I’m going to paint them with chalkboard paint. You know, because I can. ^^ Plus it’ll be nice to label and to relabel. I also really want to make this, or some variation of it. A fold down desk has a lot of different possibilities, especially with storage. First I thought altar, then I thought art, then I wondered how it’d stand up as counter space. I guess I’ll make one and see how it does.

Even as I write this, I’m come up with new ideas for dealing with a small kitchen. Just gonna have to see how it turns out.



This blog has a purpose. It may never be well known, but that is not it’s purpose. This is a public record of my achievements and my failures. It’s a place to shout out my frustration. Even if the void is all that’s listening. I’ve got some stuff from today to talk about, but first some goals. These are long term. I need somewhere to remind myself what I want to do in the next week, month, year, but that’s for later.

1. )  Reduce my stress. I am not good at dealing with my emotions internally. I don’t do well keeping things inside. So, I won’t anymore.

2. )  Record my experience as I learn my way around the kitchen. I’m already several months into that journey, but now’s as good a time to start as any.

3. )  Cope with a ever tenuous living situation as we search for houses, decide we can’t afford one, decide to rent, and get offered a housesitting job that shouldn’t have been offered (at least until she’d talked to her husband about it, or even mentioned it to him).

4. )  Make my life meet in the middle. I am a designer, a student, a cook, a bibliophile, a pack rat, a minimalist, a gamer, a technophile, and an opinionated realist (who loves to daydream). This is all very hard to balance.

The Basics

Cooking, designing, decorating, organizing, gardening, learning. Always learning.

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