Containers make everything better

I have a problem with my pantry, namely that it has steadily been getting messier! I’ve only dealt with one shelf so far, but it has already helped my sanity.

Note the various bags that are just floating around, and there’s plenty more you can’t see. They made everything very unstable. I had couscous in a bag from the bulk bins from Sprouts, bags of nuts, chocolate chips, and caramels. And so on. Continue reading


Apartment update

Well, we’ve finally got the apartment cleaned up, which is wonderful since my grandma will be here any moment. ^^’ I had a request for pictures, so here are some. The kitchen organization is an ongoing chore, but it’ll get there. I got some more baking sheets (we only had one) and a very nice small pot at Ross for cheap yesterday, so I’m happy.

Here’s more pictures, including more of our apartment. Some will be not that new if you read my earlier posts, but I got my SLR out, so they’re much better pictures. ❤

Continue reading

The Basics

Cooking, designing, decorating, organizing, gardening, learning. Always learning.

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