Grilled Pizza

Our friend Rai has a pool in her backyard and so she had a bunch of people over last Saturday. She asked for my advice on what she could serve easily and somehow Boy and I ended up making all the main dishes. O.o I never learn when to shut my mouth and let someone else do the cooking, do I?

It all worked out in the end. I finally found a pizza dough recipe I like, and I now have a GREAT pizza sauce recipe. Oh yeah, and I managed to grill pizza. I tried about a year ago to grill some pizza at out last house. I was going to make some for everyone who helped us move in. It didn’t go well. 😦 The dough just fell through the grate of the grill. I was so very upset.

This time, I baked each crust for a few minutes before taking them out to the grill to finish the pizza. It was amazing, and it made great leftovers too.

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