Sick day

I felt fine when I got up, but as the day went on, I just started feeling worse and worse. I took the afternoon off work and napped some, but I’m not really tired. : / I really can’t afford to be sick, we’re starting the move tomorrow and tonight is the Emilie Autumn concert!

Maybe it’s the combination of stress and stress on top of stress, with my period thrown in (you wanted to know that, right? :P), but I just feel icky. I’m nauseous and light headed and I feel clammy with the abdominal, leg, and back pain of cramps. It makes it hard to concentrate on anything. I can’t work, I can’t read, I can’t study my Javascript, I can’t be creative or even just play a game to take my mind off things. Bleh. I really just wish I could sleep.


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One response to “Sick day

  1. So sorry to hear that.
    Bet the EA concert will be so amazing though that it’ll override everything else. Will keep my fingers crossed for that anyways!

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