Leftovers Curry

Leftover mayhem continues with more of the pizza leftovers. I actually used the leftover dough and sauce to make pizza last night. Shocking, I know. Today for lunch, however, I did actually try the Canadian bacon and pineapple curry. Oh wow, was it good. I’m a little sad that I don’t have the stuff to make more. 😦 Maybe later this week.

I mixed the Thai curry paste and coconut milk in a wok and added my Canadian bacon and my veggies. You can use anything you like, but I used:

Bell peppers

Thin sliced red onion


Since that’s what I had on hand. I let them simmer until the veggies were soft before adding some canned pineapple. Make sure to get some of the juice, it compliments the curry and coconut very well. ^^ Then just let it cook long enough to warm back up (the pineapple cools it off quite a bit) and eat. I had mine with couscous since I didn’t think to make rice ahead of time. Basmati rice would be the best though.

I’m running out of leftovers. ^^’ What should I make now?


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